Blue Sky: Your Complete Aerial Filming Solution...

Quality film and video from an aerial platform is almost impossible without some form of gyro stabilisation and more importantly, an experienced film pilot. 

Offering one point of contact that can handle all of your aerial filming requirements we own all of our aircraft and gyro stabilised equipment (including a KS8X2 Mini gyro & one of only three GSS C516's in Australia). Our GSS (complete with a 6k Red Epic Dragon or Sony F55 & Angeniux 25/250mm lens combination) can be rigged and up and running within 30 minutes... or even stood down (without financial penalty as we own the gear!) if the weather is inclement on the day of your planned shoot.

With a long history (& more importantly) a strong knowledge in aerial filming/photography we are the only helicopter operator in Sydney to offer a true one stop (turnkey) Ultra HD filming option. Be sure to also check out our dedicated aerial filming website: BLUE SKY AERIAL FILMING 

  • Option 1 – GSS C516 with Red EPIC DRAGON or Sony F55 and Angénieux Optimo Style 25-250


    GSSBlue Sky owned gyro stabilised 5-axis nose-mounted camera. 

    The Gyro Stabilised Systems (GSS) C516 aerial filming platform complete with Red EPIC DRAGON or Sony F55 camera & Angénieux Optimo Style 25-250 lens. The 6K Ultra HD results are out of this world when combined with the rock solid stability of the GSS C516. 

    Provide your own DP or we can provide one for you. For more details go to our partner company BLUE SKY AERIAL FILMING

    Costs: (inc gst) GSS C516 with Red EPIC DRAGON or Sony F55 and Angénieux Optimo Style 25-250 lens (make contact with us for our special rates). 

    Bell 206 Longranger helicopter - $1800 per hour).

    Sydney Airport movement charge - $80 per landing.

    Below is an example of our work...

  • Option 2 - KS8X2 gyro side-mount (a budget solution for aerial filming).


    Company owned KS8X2 gyro side-mount. 

    Whilst a cheaper option than the GSS C516, the results are still exceptional for GV work. 

    The mount can be fitted with any DSLR (eg. Canon 5D MII) or Sony EX3, Panasonic HVX200, HPX170, Arri Alexa M or even the Red Epic/Scarlet into our R44 helicopter within 10 minutes. 

    You can supply the cameraperson or we can...

    Costs: (inc GST)

    Hire of our KS8X2 gyro-mount - $550 per day
    Robinson R44 helicopter with experienced film pilot - $900 per hour
    Sydney Airport movement charge - $80

    *If required, use of our Convergence Design Nanoflash at no extra charge.

  • Option 3 - Toshiba IK-HD1 (with 2.8 or 4mm Fujinon lens option) / Nanoflash.

    High definition 1080i camera permanently mounted onto the R44 helicopter in a fixed forward position. From the HD camera we then feed the signal into our Convergence Design Nanoflash... Using two internal processors, the Nanoflash records MPEG2 8-bit 4:2:2 video in either Long GOP or iFrame at data rates up to 160Mb/s (Long GOP) or 280 Mb/s (iFrame). We recommend MPEG2 Long GOP, 100 Mb/s. This filming option works well for survey & GV filming where zooming is not required.

    Costs: (inc gst)

    Robinson R44 helicopter with experienced film pilot - $1300 per hour
    (Up to 2 crew seats available for you to direct the filming).
    Sydney Airport movement charge - $80

"As a full time helicopter aerial cinematographer, I have spent more than 30 years developing a global network of highly skilled, talented and specialist pilots who can operate a helicopter more like a "camera ship" than an aerial taxi. Blue Sky Helicopters are one of only two companies in Australia I choose to fly with on my complex and often very challenging aerial shoots and they have my total support and recommendation as consummate, helicopter professionals" Laurie K. Gilbert s.o.c. Helicopter Aerial Cinematographer (Aerial Marine Media)


When it comes to shooting High Definition aerial footage for Film & Television, check out Blue Sky’s work utilising gyro stabilised camera mounts. The footage (directly) above is from the British TV series “Greatest Cities of the World” which Blue Sky pilot, Mark Fitzsimmons not only filmed but also directed all of the HD stabilised aerial sequences with the cinematographer.

Other aerial filming clients & credits include...

  • Immigration Nation (SBS Television)
  • First Footprints (ABC TV/Arte France)
  • The BBC (UK)
  • Fremantle Media
  • The Royal Australian Navy
  • Foxtel / Lifestyle Chanel
  • Singapore Airlines (A380)
  • Channel Seven Australia (Sunday Night)
  • ITV (UK)
  • Channel Nine Australia (60 minutes)
  • Channel Ten News (Sydney)
  • SilverSeas Cruise Liners (USA)
  • MSC Cruises (Italy)


Footage 001


Footage 002


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Footage 005

Blue Sky Helicopters Pty Ltd is a fully certified Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) accredited Air Operator. Air Operating Certificate (AOC) number: S551971