Aerial Photography & Media

When flying on a photographic or film job with us you will soon see what we mean by a collaborative effort...

Owner/Chief Pilot of Blue Sky Helicopters, Mark Fitzsimmons began his career as an aerial photographer, before becoming a helicopter pilot.

Flying with a true photographic pilot is of paramount importance if you want to achieve a great result. In reality there are only a handful (locally) who really understand composition & light and the direct relationship it has with the pilot & handling of the aircraft... couple that with 20 years of working within the Sydney control zone, it means that if anyone can get the shot for you, it'll be Blue Sky!

Mark can either photograph the site for you (with one of our other pilots flying), or if you are an aerial photographer, he'll fly you... With thousands of hours flying as a photographic/media pilot or actually in the role of aerial photographer (UK/USA & Australia) you'll be guaranteed to get the very best result.

Apart from being the supplier of helicopter services (photographic department) to Fairfax, the publisher of The Sydney Morning Herald... Our many other clients include professional aerial photographers from Australia & from around the World.

“Photographing from the air is a specialised process and requires the expertise and vision of an expert operating pilot and business. At Blue Sky Helicopters, everything is looked after, safety is of paramount importance and there is a seamless collaboration between pilot and photographer, something which is vital for the success of any shoot. I would have no hesitation at recommending Mark and the team in the highest way possible” James Morgan

The James Morgan Photographic Consultancy (JMPC) is one of Australia’s most dynamic and respected photographic companies.

Our helicopters...

BELL 206 LONGRANGER (VH-ZMF) - AU$1980.00 per hour (Min charge: $1000 for 30 minutes) - GST inclusive.


or part thereof after the first hour. Sydney Airport (Macquarie) / AirServices (Government) movement & navigation charge inclusive of hourly rate.

For all your general/corporate charter needs and film/photographic requirements, the Bell 206 is the world's most recognised helicopter. It has set more industry records than any other aircraft in the world and has the best safety record of any jet turbine helicopter in the industry.

Powered by a Rolls-Royce Model jet turbine engine the Longranger has seats for up to six passengers plus pilot. With a cruise speed of 110kts (203km/h) and a range of over 300nm (555km) with reserves, our corporate equipped Longranger will fly you and your clients to the destination quickly, in style & in comfort.

Due to its stability and versatility the Longranger is also the helicopter of choice for TV, film & photographic industry professionals around the world. The aircraft can easily be fitted with nose/side mounts or a cameraman/photographer can shoot out of the side.

Known around the world for its ruggedness, reliability and simplicity, this aircraft has become the most popular jet turbine helicopter of all time.

MD500E Helicopter

McDonnell Douglas MD500E (VH-MDE) - AU$1650.00 per hour (Min charge: $900 for 30 minutes) - GST Inclusive


or part thereof after the first hour. Sydney Airport (Macquarie) / AirServices (Government) movement & navigation charge inclusive of hourly rate. 

For fast charter and for all your photographic requirements, the MD500 helicopter series are often described as the sports cars of the helicopter world. Our MD500E offers a very stable platform with it's 5 bladed fully articulated rotor head. Fitted out with great equipment and an immaculate corporate leather interior we operate the only MD500E in Sydney. 

Powered by a Rolls-Royce Model jet turbine engine the MD500E has seats for up to four passengers plus pilot. (however, for long distance charter operations, we suggest no more than 3 passengers). With a cruise speed of 130kts (240km/h) and a range of over 258nm (478km) plus reserves, our corporate equipped MD500E will fly you and your clients to the destination quickly, in style & in comfort. Also available for movies & TV production.

ROBINSON R44 (VH-UMF) - AU$990.00 per hour (Min charge: $700 for 30 minutes) - GST Inclusive.


or part thereof after the first hour plus a Sydney Airport (Macquarie) / AirServices (Government) movement & navigation charge of $80 (GST inclusive).

Transporting pilot plus 3 passengers with its sleek design & impressive speed, our R44 is a good alternative to the B206 Longranger when price is a major consideration...

Offering an open style cockpit, the visiabilty from the aircraft is exceptional as each (leather) seat is next to a window, this makes it very popular for passenger charter... Powered by a Lycoming 0-540 engine the Robinson R44 has also become one of the most popular light helicopters of all time. The aircraft is also ideal for photographic (stills) work.

Our R44 helicopter was supplied brand new with the now mandatory bladder style fuel tanks.

Our many satisfied clients include: Sports Illustrated (Sydney Olympic Games), Microsoft, Granada TV, NBC, ITV, Macquarie Bank, Bunnings, Goodman Property Group, The Australia Jockey Club (AJC), Kodak, Hewlett Packard, American Express, The Lifestyle & Discovery Channels, Fremantle Media, The BBC, Channel 7 9 & 10, Fairfax, Optus, Vodaphone, News Ltd and The Royal Australian Navy just to name a few...

The above rates are for aerial photographic/film work & general charter only, i.e. Point A to B charter or aerial survey... For scenic flights & tours, please click here.

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Blue Sky Helicopters Pty Ltd is a fully certified Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) accredited Air Operator. Air Operating Certificate (AOC) number: S551971