Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time and on what days do you fly?

    Our passengers choose the time they wish to fly! Rather than schedule flights at set times we offer flights to suit our passengers itinerary. We normally start flight operations at 9.00am and finish at 8:00pm (in summer) and 5:00pm (in winter). We are open 7 days a week.
  • Is it safe?

    We are as interested in safety as you are. Our duty is to minimise risk by making safety our primary focus and at the same time, to provide memorable experiences for our passengers.

    At Blue Sky Helicopters, our passenger's safety is paramount, it will always come first. We have a 100% safety record and have never been issued with any form of reprimand or non-compliance. You'll be flying in our Robinson R44 or the Bell 206 Longranger with the most experienced tour pilots based at Sydney Airport! (Read Company Profile here).

    We are a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Certified Air Carrier and embrace the regulations, however we believe these regulations are set down as the minimum required. Our operations are subject to a higher level of safety exceeding the regulatory requirements.

    All passengers are given a thorough safety briefing prior to flight including use of lifejackets (if flying over or near water), operation of doors, seatbelts and general safety awareness around the helicopter.
  • Can I bring my video camera?


    Absolutely! However, Blue Sky has pioneered the...


    As with all the camera systems we have developed over the years, We are always striving to lift the bar... Our latest system can’t be surpassed as we are now offering (and are the only company in the world to do so) switchable multi-camera High Definition 16 x 9 filming of your actual flight complete with pilot narration, choreographed stereo music (using top of the line Bose A20 noise canceling headsets in the R44 helicopter/David Clarke in the Longranger) & Pilot/Air Traffic Control interaction.

    Offering passengers the ultimate memento of their flight, the cinema quality movie of your flight can be purchased straight after the flight and be taken home on a USB stick for $70.

    With our first system, custom built in 1999, we are the world leaders in onboard (real-time edit) Helicam. Blue Sky pioneered the original broadcast quality Helicam systems in Australia, now we’ve perfected it. Not one of our competitors offers a true state of the art custom built High Def recording system... Just Blue Sky Helicopters!

  • Can we take photographs?

    No problem, we encourage you! Any "point & shoot" camera or any 35mm DSLR camera with a lens between 28mm and 70mm is recommended.
  • Do we share the helicopter with other passengers?

    Because quality and choice is so important to us, we offer you two options..."Share with Others" or "Private Charter".

    Share with Others means just that... sharing the helicopter with other passengers. i.e. You are purchasing 1 or 2 seats on the helicopter and the empty seat or seats could be (but not always) occupied by other passengers.

    Private Charter means that you are securing all the seats on the helicopter... You will not be sharing with other people that you do not know. Even If you are a single passenger or a group of 2 or 3, you can still Private Charter the helicopter & cancel out the possibility of the remaining seat/s being sold!
  • What Sydney based flight would you recommend and at what time?

    Whether you choose to fly in the morning, afternoon or early evening (in Summer), it is always a good time to fly! We recommend the 30-minute City to Surf as the minimum as passengers get to see the full panorama of our great City. The Sunset Flight is also highly recommended. .
  • How far ahead do I need to book?

    We request that passengers book as far in advance as possible as this will enable you to choose the exact time you wish to fly. If you are visiting Sydney, we suggest you book your flight early in your stay, this way if your pilot determines that weather conditions on the day of your flight are not suitable, you will have options for re-scheduling.
  • What time do I need to be at the airport and is there parking?

    We request that passengers check-in no more than 15 minutes prior to departure. Parking is available free of charge outside our building at 462 Ross Smith Ave, Sydney Airport.
  • What happens if I cancel or fail to show after I have booked a flight?

    Cancellation within 2 days of flight time will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellation within 1 day of flight time (or a no-show) will incur a 100% cancellation fee. Bookings made for peak periods and/or public holidays and then cancelled (within 7 days prior to the departure date) will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

    There is naturally no cancellation fee when Blue Sky Helicopters cancels the flight due to bad weather or operational contingency. Please take a moment to read our full Terms & Conditions.
  • What if the weather is bad on the day of my flight?

    If the weather is inclement on the day of your flight, the flight will be re-scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient. Please note it's the Pilot's call on the weather.
  • Can you pick us up from the City?


    For Private Charter bookings of 60-minutes or more, we include a FREE return transfer from the City to the Heliport... For that really special occasion UPGRADE to a Mercedes S Class or a BMW 7 series chauffeured car for an additional $95 (each way)...

    This transfer option is also available to purchase on the 20, 30 & the 45-minute Private Charter flights plus any of the Share with Others flights too... The cost is $75 each way (Ford G6E Falcon or corporate van) or $95 each way for one of the Mercedes S Class or the BMW 7 series vehicles. (total cost for up to 4 passengers). 

    Catching a cab is another option (just 20-minutes & around A$45 each way). Print this map out & give it to your driver. If you decide to drive yourself to the heliport, our car park is free to use.

    Lastly there is the Airport Train... Take the (Airport & East Hills) train to the Domestic Terminal, after exiting the station, hop on the Long Term Car Park Courtesy bus (5-minute drive) which will drop you at the Long Term Car Park only. From here, walk for 5 minutes (North) back up Ross Smith Ave. Our building is the first building on your left just past Hammond Place. 

    Note: The cost of the train is around $17 per person each way (periodical ticket holders are also required to purchase an additional GatePass to use AirportLink stations). Around $13.00 each way... Therefore for groups of two or more a taxi could be a better option.

  • Will the pilot give us a commentary?

    Blue Sky pilots give an expert, up to date narration on the history and intriguing facts of the Sydney region whilst also highlighting the City sites.

    Your aircraft is also are equipped with David Clark or Bose A20 stereo headsets allowing you to talk to your pilot as well as listen to the in-flight music... The music has been specially chosen and choreographed to complement the changing scenery and stages of your flight...
  • What should we wear?

    If you plan to take photographs we recommend darker colors to reduce any window reflections. Passengers should wear similar clothing to what they would wear on a car trip, If your flight includes a landing in the Blue Mountains in the cooler months (April through to September), we also suggest a sweater or jacket.
  • How do you reduce the impact of your operations on the people you fly over?

    Blue Sky Helicopters is a member of the Helicopter Association International. We incorporate the associations "Fly Neighbourly" program into our flight operations. This initiative promotes the operation of helicopters in such a way that minimises the noise impact to the community and the environment. This is accomplished, for example, by establishing and following routes that limit exposure to the public, employing pilot techniques that reduce the noise signature of the helicopter and by flying at higher than normal altitudes in noise sensitive areas.

Blue Sky Helicopters Pty Ltd is a fully certified Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) accredited Air Operator. Air Operating Certificate (AOC) number: S551971